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"Jacqui is great at treating the whole, both mental and physical, and has helped me to make lifestyle changes and truly integrate a more Ayurvedic approach into everything I do. She challenges me, in a good way, and her approach is non-judgemental." SB, Herne Hill

Hello and welcome to my website! I am Jacqui Gibbons, a holistic nutritionist and wellness coach in south London. I believe that eating the right food, in the right way, and making conscious choices in how we live our day-to-day life can have a powerful effect on our health, digestion, emotions and happiness. 

These food and life choices are not the same for everyone, as we all have different bodies, digestive states and emotional reactions. If you are not eating in accordance with your body type and digestive ability, you won't absorb nutrients from your food, toxins will form, and health imbalances begin. These usually start with digestive problems, so whatever health condition you come to me for, your treatment nearly always begins with digestion.  

Over the past five years I have successfully treated many clients working in publishing, broadcasting, PR, the arts, business, finance, administration, nursing and teaching. (Or, as I see them, lots of air types, fire types and earth types!) I know the challenges that professional life and city living present to our health, as I'm a Londoner born and bred, and have worked in publishing for 20 years (and still do). have tried-and-tested, practical ways of incorporating healthy living into city life. You can live a modern, connected life that is also healthy, fulfilling and happy! See clients' reviews. 

I use Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, to assess your physical and emotional health and your underlying energy imbalance (with the theory of the three doshas, the energies that govern your body's structure and function; your DNA, if you like). I then devise a personalised health and nutrition plan that combines wholesome and tasty foods, lifestyle choices (such as eating habits, sleep, work and exercise), herbal medicine, meditation and yoga. About the consultation.

"Since meeting Jacqui I have lost weight, I have more control over my diet, recognise the dietary needs for my body type, understand the reasons behind my skin problems, and more." VC, Surrey

Conditions treated Constipation, bloating, gas, IBS, IBD, candida, skin conditions, PMS, menopause symptoms, low energy, stress, anxiety, insomnia, weight issues, and more. List of conditions treated. 

To book Email Jacqui
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Clinic Maitri Natural Health Centre, 252 Streatham High Road, London SW16 1HS

Consultation, follow-up visit, email support £100 
Half-day retreat with yoga, consultation and energy healing £150 Read more
Single consultation only £70  
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Your treatment may require
Emotional energy healing (marma points) £120 for 3
Ayurvedic massage £150 for 3
28-day wellness plan £500 Find out more

"Live more simply, so that you can find time to enjoy the little pleasures of life"