Pitta symptoms and treatment

If you're a Pitta type, you have more of the fire element in you (and secondarily water). Pitta people will tend to get Pitta-type ailments, which include redness, excess heat, loose stools, diarrhoea, acidity, acne, burning sensation, cold sores, skin conditions with redness and heat, sore throat, tonsillitis, ulcers, inflammation, infection, fever. The main symptom of Pitta is heat. It is most aggravated in summer and in hot weather.

Pitta dosha can also become aggravated in a Vata or Kapha person. Seek the guidance of a practitioner, so you know which dosha to treat and how. Contact Jacqui for an appointment.

Simple ways to balance Pitta

Pittas should avoid heating foods and activities. This is because Pitta dosha is sharp, slightly oily, hot, light, bad-smelling and mobile (spreading), and Ayurveda works on the principle that like increases like. 
- Avoid hot weather, hot baths, stress, anger, overwork, over-exercising and over-competitiveness.
- Don't have hot spices, alcohol, cigarettes, oily or fried food, acidic and fermented foods like vinegar, yeasted breads, soy sauce, yoghurt, sharp and sour fruits, and hard cheeses.
- Stay cool! (Literally and mentally.)
- Eat cooling, mild tastes, mainly wholegrains and vegetables, with sweet fruits, fresh dairy, beans, fresh tofu, chicken (if a meat-eater) and interesting salads.
- Have cool showers, do yoga, tai chi, fun team sports, walks in nature or other non-competitive exercise, let go of control, make time for meditation, breathe... and smell the roses!

If you have Pitta symptoms, I can devise a personalised plan for you, using delicious and nutritious foods, simple daily lifestyle changes and herbal medicines to restore your physical health, emotional balance and your energy levels.

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